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Writing A Dissertation Abstract: Steps To Follow

The format for writing your dissertation is very rigid. You must follow a set of rules. One part of your dissertation is the abstract. The abstract is defined as a summary of your entire dissertation. It includes a recap of your research study as well as the conclusion of your study. It comes directly after your title page. It is written to give your reader a taste of your paper and to pull your reader into the paper. Do not use first person for your paper and write your paper in active voice. You should follow all dissertation, grammar, and writing rules.

Abstract Hints

While you may want to make your paper sound super enticing, you should not ever have too much fantasy in the abstract. Please remember this is an academic paper. The tone must be formal throughout the paper and the abstract. You cannot risk having your paper sound informal or sound fantasy-like.

It is understandable that you may think that a serious topic written in a formal tone may sound boring, but that does not have to be the case. Your interest and your magnetic approach to your paper should be found in seeking unusual sources and different topics. Your creativity can shine there, and your reader will not be bored with your paper.

Opposite Effects

If you add fantasy and untrue elements to your abstract to make it sound exciting, the consequences could be disastrous. You will look like a fraud when the committee who reads it realizes the abstract is not a true reflection or summary of what is really in the paper. The committee will read the entire paper and be quite disappointed in your paper.

This disappointment in your academic dissertation will flow over to your career field. And you will not be able to successfully argue your dissertation if the abstract includes too much fantasy and not enough truth. Do not add fantasy to your dissertation abstract no matter how tempted you might be to do so.

Your Creativity

Use exciting verbs, well-written sentences, creative topics, interviews, unique point of views, and unusual sources to make your abstract and your dissertation appealing. Do not put fantasy in your dissertation abstract to make it look attractive. Rely on your work and effort, not tricks to write the perfect abstract. The consequences will be horrible.

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